What Are the Mother’s Rights in Florida Child Custody Cases?

April 11, 2022

When a marriage falls apart, a mother may be left vulnerable, especially if she has spent the last few years staying home to care for her children. Suddenly, she may be left scrambling in search of ways to provide for her children, and that’s not an easy task to tackle without prior preparation.

If you are currently in that kind of situation, remember that you still have your rights. Exercise your rights in child custody and support actions so you can get back on your feet faster.

Let’s talk more about those important topics below.

What Can a Mother Do to Establish Paternity?

One of the common problems that mothers deal with is getting the biological father to accept responsibility. In an effort to avoid being named as the father and all the duties that come with that, the other party may continually deny their involvement.

Seeing that kind of reaction from the person you know is your child’s father can be frustrating. At times, it can even be damaging as their decision to avoid responsibility can affect you in different ways.

Thankfully, the state of Florida does allow mothers to establish paternity for their children. You can pursue action against the person you believe is your child’s father, so they will be required to undergo paternity testing.

Work with a legal professional if you wish to establish paternity. They will help you manage this ordeal better, and you will be able to maintain focus on your child.

How Do You Get Fair Child Support in Florida?

Following the end of your relationship with the father of your children, you may find yourself in need of some financial support. Unfortunately, the father of your kids may be unwilling to provide the support you’re seeking. They may claim that they are not the biological father, and so they have no responsibility to you.

This is another reason why establishing paternity is so important. Once the other party is identified, they will be obligated by Florida law to provide child support.

You can also pursue legal action against the father of your children if you believe they are not providing their fair share. Take them to court and ensure that they pay the proper amount based on their actual income.

What Are Mother’s Custody Rights in Divorce?

It’s important to note that the state of Florida does not favor either mothers or fathers when determining custody rights. Instead, Florida prefers establishing shared parenting schedules. That means you and the father of your child will get equal time with your children. The exact schedule can change from one case to the next.

In some cases, the court may decide that the parents will alternate weeks with their children. In other situations, the schedule may be more complicated.

No matter what the court decides, both you and the father must follow the established guidelines. Any party that fails to follow the guidelines may be found guilty of certain violations.

Always remember that there are legal actions you can take if the father of your child is not meeting their obligations. Partner with a legal expert to get the father of your child to finally accept full responsibility.

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