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Child support is a complex and complicated legal matter. To ensure your case is being handled fairly and that you get the support you’re owed, contact K.J. Law P.A. today. As a veteran child support lawyer in Tavares and Lake County, FL, we understand the nuances of child support cases and apply our expertise to ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients.

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Child Custody & Guardianships

Child custody and guardianship are complicated legal matters to navigate. If you’re pursuing full custody of a child or require guardianship rights for a ward, let us assist you. We have experience pertaining to a full range of circumstances surrounding the need for clarification of child custody in Tavares, FL and will assist you in achieving the legal outcome you need.

Whether you’re dealing with legal assets—such as a trust or inheritance—or require custody or guardianship for medical, legal or civil reasons, we’re here for you. We’ll help you do what’s best for the minor in question and establish legal precedent for any future situations where custody or guardianship may be challenged.

Child Time Sharing & Support Guidelines

For divorcees, establishing joint custody is a cornerstone of signing an amicable divorce resolution. Moreover, child support guidelines must be thoroughly documented. We can assist with both, as well as represent you if legal challenges arise regarding either.

Our goal is to help you settle time sharing and support disputes swiftly and with minimal friction, to ensure the best outcome for all minors involved.

Child Support Lawyer

Settle Your Family Disputes

If you have ongoing disputes about child support or custody, it’s time to get them resolved—for the sake of you and your child. K.J. Law P.A. will stand by you, ensuring your case is given the attention it demands and you get the support you need. Contact our child support lawyers today at 352-735-4342 to schedule a free consultation with our experienced family law and child custody attorneys.

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