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When you’re in danger, there’s no time to waste in seeking protection behind the law. At K.J. Law P.A., we know the urgency and importance behind obtaining a protection order in Tavares and Lake County, FL. Our team will help you file the injunction you need to stop living in fear. In addition, our domestic violence lawyers also provide legal services for victims of battery and domestic violence.

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  • Injunctions for Protections:
    Florida State Law recognizes five different types of injunctions for protection orders, including domestic, dating, repeat, sexual violence and stalking. If you’re facing threats and require an injunction, let us help you explore the right filing. We can advise on temporary or permanent injunctions, as well as help you modify, extend or dissolve an existing injunction based on changing circumstances.
  • Domestic Violence:
    Domestic violence will only escalate if it’s not stopped. We understand how intimidating and scary these types of situations can be. Know that when you choose us as your domestic violence lawyer in Tavares, FL, we’ll fight for your safety and protection, and make sure justice is brought to your abuser.

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The law exists to protect you and your family from threats and harm. If you feel unsafe and need to take shelter behind the strength of an injunction or pursue legal action against another party, K.J. Law P.A. will stand strong with you. Contact us today at 352-735-4342 to learn more about our experience with protection law.

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