What Should I Do When My Ex Doesn’t Follow the Custody Arrangement?

March 7, 2022

You might be wondering, is it okay to ignore child custody order? Of course not. It is not right to violate a child custody agreement. In fact, custody arrangements signed following a divorce in Florida should be followed to the letter. Nevertheless, some exes refuse to follow the details stipulated in the agreement, leading to more issues. If my ex isn’t following the custody arrangement, there are various things I’m required to do to handle the situation. Read on to learn more about them.

1. Request Mediation Services

The first thing I should do when my ex doesn’t follow the custody arrangement is request mediation services. In case of a conflict, the court where the agreement was signed often assigns a trained, neutral mediator to help the two parties handle their custody disagreements without interference from court officials. The professional aims to help the parties reach a mutual agreement that will benefit all parties involved in the dispute.

2. Request for Legal Changes

Another permissible action I should take when my ex fails to comply with the child custody order is to request the judge make changes to the custody agreement form. This involves writing a letter to the judge stating the need for changes and providing evidence of violation by an ex. A judge can change various things in the agreement, including visitation days and adjusting child support.

3. File a Contempt of Court Order

Contempt of court is a crime punishable by law. That said, I should file a motion for contempt of court when my ex fails to follow the custody order. The ex will need to present themselves in court and explain why they are not following court orders. A parent found guilty of ignoring court orders can face various punitive measures, including fines or short-term imprisonment. My ex may also be forced to cover all court costs incurred during the motion. It is also possible for the judge to rule on custody in favor of the reporting parent.

4. Contact Attorney

Calling my attorney is another viable alternative that I can take when my ex doesn’t follow the custody agreement. While many people, especially men, usually opt to resolve the issues themselves, it would be best to report the issue to an attorney to help legally solve the matter. An attorney is instrumental in providing counsel, determining the kind of crime committed by the defying partner, and designing an effective course of action that will result in positive outcomes for the reporting partner.

5. Report to the Police

Calling the police is another thing I should do when my former partner consistently violates the custody arrangement. Nevertheless, reporting the issue to the police should be a last resort. It is especially effective if the ex is subjecting children to domestic abuse, child abuse, or denying legal rights. Be sure to present copies of the signed custody order to the responding officer as evidence.

Take Action

Don’t let your defiant ex get away with breaking custody arrangements. Contact a family lawyer to help you deal with a stubborn co-parent.

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