Should I Hire a PI Without Telling My Attorney?

February 5, 2021

Going through divorce proceedings in Tavares, FL is difficult, especially if you suspect your soon-to-be-ex-spouse is hiding something. Some clients, frustrated by their lack of forward motion, decide to hire private investigators to gather more evidence.

Private investigators are often used to help with legal cases, but that doesn’t mean you should or even need to hire one on your own. Often, attorneys themselves will hire a PI.

What are private investigators?

Private investigators are often ex-law enforcement officers or inquiry agents. Rather than working for a government firm like a police office, they’re available for hire by private citizens. (Generally, the detective down at the station isn’t going to be interested in investigating your ex, unless they suspect a crime has been committed.)

PIs may use unorthodox methods to uncover information, such as posing as someone they’re not, surveilling suspects and checking specialized industry databases. Since they’re not working for the government, they’re not quite as bound by evidentiary and other rules like the police would be. That means a PI can be an incredible asset, especially when it comes to divorce cases.

How can a PI help my case?

A private investigator can help your divorce or custody case by finding incriminating evidence, whether that’s photos of your ex seeing someone else or doing something they shouldn’t. They may be able to gather evidence that your ex is an unfit person to have custody over your children, or uncover hidden financial assets. A PI works to help your individual case—what works for one person may not work for another, even if they appear similar on the surface.

When it comes to working with attorneys, PIs help lawyers build their case. In addition to gathering evidence, they may also be able to verify or validate evidence, serve legal papers on opposing parties and recreate crime or accident scenes. Some PIs work with the police, while others prefer to keep their job separate.

When should I hire a PI?

If you’re thinking about divorcing your spouse, you might have already hired a private investigator. They can verify whether your ex is doing something shady, like having an affair, using illegal drugs or hiding marital assets. Some people hire a PI before they file for divorce, whether it’s to validate their suspicions or to start building a case.

If you haven’t already hired a PI, there’s no need to do so before hiring an attorney. Your attorney will let you know whether they think it’s a necessary expense, and make recommendations for reputable investigators. Your attorney might wish to put you in contact with the PI so you can provide them with helpful information, straight from the source. However you and your attorney choose to handle your case, it’s important that you follow their guidance.

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