Juvenile Crimes VS Adult Crimes

April 3, 2020

We know that there are parents and juveniles who worry about what will happen to a juvenile who is charged with a crime. Will they be punished as a juvenile? As an adult? Will they have to try their case before a jury or just in front of a judge? These are all valid questions which many parents have wondered about. There are many major differences between juvenile courts and adult courts, but there are also similarities.


  • Right to an attorney
  • Right to remain silent
  • Right to confront and cross-examine accuser and witnesses
  • Right to make the State prove the offense beyond a reasonable doubt


Juveniles do not have the right to a jury trial. Their cases will be presided over and decided by a judge. The judge is the one who decides if a delinquent act has been committed by the juvenile and if the juvenile should be adjudicated delinquent or not. When cases are handled in the juvenile court system the primary goal is to rehabilitate as opposed to punishment like in the adult court system. The judge is looking to pass a sentence that is in the best interest of the minor and that will gear their path towards becoming a contributing member of society.

If you or anyone you know is currently facing any kind of juvenile criminal charges, please do not hesitate to contact an attorney at KJ LAW to discuss your legal options and how we can help get you the best possible outcome in your case!

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