How to Win Your Custody Battle

June 5, 2019

No one wants to be in a situation where they need to fight a custody battle. Unfortunately, sometimes you have no choice but to bring in a child support lawyer in Tavares, Florida. If you feel that you need professional support in making a case for custody, here are some tips:

  • Support your children: You have to provide support for your children no matter what’s happening in your legal battle. It may be that legal bills are stacking up and your spouse is dragging out the process or worse. But the bottom line is that your children should be your top priority. Courts take into account that parents are supporting their children when determining the result of a custody battle.
  • If you choose to fight, do it for the right reasons: You have to ask yourself the question, “Do you think your children will be significantly better off if you win the custody battle?” This is the case when the other parent is abusive or has an out-of-control addiction. But if you’re simply trying to gain leverage to get a more favorable divorce settlement, then you’ll want to question whether this is best for your family.
  • Make a good impression on everyone in the court system: You should put your best foot forward with everyone from the judge to the mediator to the child evaluator. These people will have influence in how much time you will be able to spend with your children, so it’s important that you show them you’re a capable parent and a decent person.
  • Create a paper trail: As with all court cases, documentation is crucial in custody battles. If you want the judge to believe what you’re saying and consider you a reliable person, you’ll want to have as much supporting evidence as possible.
  • Don’t badmouth the other parent: At the end of the day, the optimal situation is for your children to grow up with two supportive parents. Though you may be tempted to talk ill of your spouse, you should remember to do what’s best for your kids. Ultimately, you’ll want them to spend time with both of you.
  • Resist the temptation of drama: If you’re getting a divorce, the reality is that you’re probably fighting with the other parent. But again, remember what’s best for your children—keep the fighting to a minimum and keep your kids out of it.
  • Work with the experts early: Waging a custody battle on your own may appear feasible on TV, but it’s generally a terrible idea. You want to consult an attorney early on. Ask for them to weigh in on whether you’ll win the custody battle and what it will take.
  • Try to settle out of court: Taking a case to trial is an arduous and expensive task. Even if you truly believe that you’ll win your case, it’s best to get things done in mediation. The reality is that a less favorable settlement is probably the better option.

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