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Should I Hire a PI Without Telling My Attorney?

February 5, 2021

Going through divorce proceedings in Tavares, FL is difficult, especially if you suspect your soon-to-be-ex-spouse is hiding something. Some clients, frustrated by their lack of forward motion, decide to hire private investigators to gather more evidence. Private investigators are often used to help with legal cases, but that doesn’t mean... View Article

How to Reduce a Felony to a Misdemeanor

December 30, 2020

You’re probably aware that being charged with a felony doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily be punished for one, but do you know why and how that occurs? Felonies, which are a category of more serious crimes, carry hefty fines and prison time, whereas misdemeanors are crimes that are punishable by up... View Article

Do I Need a DNA Test for Child Support?

December 28, 2020

Many child support questions in Tavares, FL involve the need for DNA tests. Whether you need one to collect child support depends on the circumstances of your case. When a father acknowledges a child, you usually do not need a DNA test. But that can change, and sometimes, paternity testing... View Article

The Importance of Hiring a Domestic Violence Attorney

December 14, 2020

If you face domestic violence at home, there are two ways to hold your assailant accountable. One is to cooperate with the criminal process to ensure the prosecutor brings domestic violence charges in Tavares, FL. The second is to pursue your assailant through civil remedies like restraining orders, family law... View Article

Am I Entitled to Alimony in Florida?

November 19, 2020

Alimony—financial support from one ex-spouse to the other, so they can maintain their standard of living—is a way to make a divorce financially equal. Each case is judged on its own merits, but the following overview should give you an idea if your case will qualify. Types of alimony available... View Article

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