April 16, 2019

"My experience was awesome with this Law office........I basically conducted my business over the phone and via internet since I resided out of state which was very risky business. But when I tell you trustworthy, professional and caring that's exactly what I received. Ms. Johnson and her staff/secretary(Jessica) were excellent in responding to emails in a timely fashion and always explaining what was going on and how the process should or should not take."
April 16, 2019

"The whole team is comprised of dedicated professionals. They are empathetic to your cause and take it personally when a wrong has been committed. Kelly comes up with simple solutions to simple problems that seem to get overly complicated. Then, results are satisfactorily produced, at a fair price. Why can't all attorneys seem to do this (for that matter, why not even 10%)?"
April 16, 2019

Great Lawyer

"Kelly took care of my case last year and I currently still use her services. Kelly was able to negotiate a long distance parenting plan as I live in North Carolina and my son lives in Florida. Thanks to her I am a part of my sons life and have parental rights. Kelly is a woman of character and cares about her clients and will not just take your money . Thank you Kelly for being our family law attorney."
April 9, 2018

"Professional and personal. Ms. Johnson was a pleasure to work with, and the most professional attorney who I ever worked with in Florida."
October 26, 2015

"I have had the opportunity to work against Kelly Johnson when she was at The State Attorney’s office and with her as a defense attorney. Kelly handles misdemeanors, felonies, traffic tickets, family law and estate planning cases. Kelly is an aggressive advocate for her clients with extensive trial experience. She had a reputation for being tough but fair as a prosecutor. As a defense attorney she is honest with her clients and has an excellent work ethic. She is an effective negotiator and is not afraid to take cases to trial. If you are accused of a crime or traffic offense Kelly will give you a realistic expectation of the possible outcome for your case and will get you the best possible result. I have referred some difficult cases to her outside of the counties I practice in and she has been able to repeatedly get excellent results. Many attorneys are tempted to tell clients whatever they want to hear to get the case but Kelly will always give you an honest evaluation of your case"
K.J. Law P.A.